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You want convenience, durability, and easy cleanup. You need disposables!

Have you ever thought about just how many disposables your restaurant uses? It goes far beyond paper plates and napkins! Here you will find guest checks, disinfectant wipes, crayons, bank deposit bags, drink umbrellas, and so much more.

Why choose disposables over items you could reuse? Let us name a few!

  • SANITATION- Since the items are single-use, they can significantly lower the risk of food contamination and the spread of disease.
  • WATER AND ENERGY SAVINGS- Did you know that a commercial dishwasher can use approximately 7 gallons of 150 degrees Fahrenheit water per minute? Think of how much you could save by switching to disposables for some items.
  • DECREASE IN SPOILAGE- When using insulated packaging, food stays at its desired temperature for a more extended period of time.
  • CONVENIENCE- Don't underestimate the importance of convenience! Disposable items may allow you to cut back on labor if guests can clean up their tables when they are finished. While you may think the value ends when the customer leaves, keep in mind many people will reuse quality disposables in their home to store leftovers again and again. Those items you used to bring convenience to your staff also might give your guests something they will wash and reuse for years to come.

If you own a bakery, you will find everything you need to share your sweet treats with your customers. From cupcake liners to napkins, we have what you need to provide your customers with delicious, conveniently packaged treats. If going green is your goal, our selection of eco-friendly disposables will show your guests that being sustainable is a priority.

Disposables are not only convenient, but they can also convey your brand's message! Shop our selection of quality items today and let us help you do your business your way.

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