Food Cutters

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Save your team time and labor with our selection of food cutters.

Our selection of food cutters are simple yet effective tools that are both easy to use and powerful. Prep work becomes a breeze when you use these machines to slice items like cheese, vegetables, and fruits.

From corner delis to 5-star fine dining establishments, cheese cutters and cheese slicers allow you to quickly serve guests perfectly portions of the food item that most people can't get enough of. From serving up slices for sandwiches to perfectly cubing any cheese your heart desires to serve on a charcuterie board, food cutters ensure each cut is just the way you want it, without risking injury or sacrificing time.

Another guest favorite, the potato, can be easily served your way with our selection of peelers, slicers, and fry cutters. A sharp, durable potato peeler makes removing skins simple, while a fry cutter will quickly cut consistent-sized french fries for any foodservice establishment. Whether you're serving your potatoes mashed, fried, or au gratin, these tools ensure safety in the kitchen while increasing output.

Our food mills are available in different materials and capacities to ensure your needs are met. These tools allow chefs to quickly process their own ingredients to make things like sauces, purees, condiments, and soups in-house. This allows you to cut down the costs of pre-made goods and also ensure your flavors are unique and fresh.

Food cutters also allow you to easily slice or shred lettuce for salads or cut and core pineapples in a snap. When you're able to drastically cut down food prep times for these items, your team is able to spend more time ensuring each dish is served to perfection.

Available in both manual and electric models, food cutters will help you increase your output without sacrificing quality. Shop our selection today so we can help you do your business your way!