Meat and Seafood Preparation

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Use meat and seafood processing equipment to prepare fresh meats in your kitchen!

From hamburgers to salmon filets and everything in between, here you will find everything you need to serve high-quality meats to your guests! Meat grinders, meat presses, sausage mixers, and seafood preparation appliances will help you quickly prepare delicious meat dishes in no time. Our selection includes manual and electric options, in various horsepower's, with an ample mix of accessories and attachments.

If you own a butcher shop, grocery store, or restaurant, you understand the importance of serving high-quality meats. When you're able to buy fresh meats and use a meat grinder to make your own ground beef, chicken, turkey, or veal, you'll ensure your customers are getting the best quality dishes. They will be able to taste the difference! When you invest in these tools, you make large-scale food preparation easier for your kitchen team.

If your deli sells sausage, you'll love our sausage-making equipment. Stuff your own links (which is more cost-effective than buying from a supplier!) using sausage stuffers and watch the demand for your sausage rise! Customers will love that you make your links in-house. This also allows you to get a little creative, mixing up special recipes that will truly set you apart from your competition.

Do you have seafood on your menu? Check out our selection of seafood preparation appliances! These unique tools reduce prep time for things like shrimp and oysters, enabling your kitchen team to have more time to devote to other tasks. A shrimp deveiner can prepare thousands of shrimp in one hour!  Oyster shuckers open oysters in a flash, significantly speeding up prep times as well as reducing the risk of injury to your team members.

Whether you're rolling sushi, grilling burgers, or mixing up some turkey chili, Culitrade has the meat and seafood processing equipment you need to do your business your way!