Pasta Machines

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Craft your own authentic noodles with pasta machines!

Whether you're serving up angel hair pasta, lasagna, or something in between, we have the ideal pasta machine for your Italian restaurant or pizzeria! These machines are also great for anyone that has dumplings or egg noodles on their menu. Our pasta machines allow you to adjust the noodles' thickness easily, so you can truly create any dish you'd like. Make pasta the traditional way by using a manual pasta machine to cut your pasta the "old-fashioned" way. If efficiency is your goal, choose an electric pasta machine to quickly make perfectly shaped pasta without needing any elbow grease.

  • Fun fact: Italians eat 60 pounds of pasta per year! In the US, people eat around 26 pounds. While it is no secret that people everywhere love pasta, it may surprise people that traditional pasta is often made of only two ingredients, flour, and water. Creating thin, uniformed strips of dough it not as easy as it looks! Our selection of pasta machines helps with just that; they allow chefs to feed their dough through the machine to achieve perfect pasta every time!

Once you've cut your noodles, use one of our commercial pasta cookers to cook your pasta without the hassle. Fitted pasta strainers in the pots make separating the cooked pasta from the water easy. No more trying to find the strainer and dumping your pasta into the sink! Not only are these inserts great for staining your pasta, but they also prevent noodles from sticking to the bottom of your pot. Available in various sizes, you'll be able to prepare any order, from single servings to large batches.

Culitrade is here to help you cook your pasta your way. Shop our selection of pasta machines today!