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Accurately portion out produce, meat, and more with commercial scales!

Perfect for any foodservice establishment, commercial scales help maintain consistent portion sizes, ensure accuracy when measuring for recipes, and allow you to bill your customers accurately for their items. When your team is always using the right amounts of ingredients, you can buy less and more accurately purchase only what you need.

Our selection of scales is vast and includes options in various materials and sizes. Many features are available, such as backlit LCD screens or membrane coated keypads. Since scales are often dishwasher safe, it is easy for your team to clean them after use.

Receiving scales are a must, as they allow you to immediately record how much of each item you have as soon as it is brought into your kitchen. This means you'll always know when it is time to buy more product and will give you a good starting place if you notice your inventory seems to be shrinking faster than you're selling the items. Portion scales are the MVP when it comes to managing your inventory because they allow your team to accurately portion out ingredients for recipes and food items before they're served or sold. Hanging scales allow you to accurately measure items that are irregularly shaped and otherwise difficult to measure accurately.

Culitrade is here to help you do your business your way, accurately! Using scales means you're able to more accurately portion out every item that comes out of your kitchen, resulting in less waste and lowered operating costs. At the end of the day, your bottom line will thank you for investing in these important tools!

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