Crowd Control

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Control crowds and direct the flow of foot traffic with crowd control items.

Our selection of crowd control items includes stanchions (also known as queue lines), ropes, and signs that will help you keep groups in or out of designated areas.

These items are easy to move and assemble, so you can quickly change foot traffic flow at your establishment. These are great for movie theatres, clubs, and bars. It's not hard for crowds to become unmanageable when they are not well organized, so help your team be more efficient by keeping your customers safe and organized with these helpful items.

Available in various colors and boasting many options, you can implement these safety measures without taking away from your ambiance. Look for items that fit in with your decor, and jazz up your signage by using words and phrases that will resonate with your customers. These items are easy to store as they don't take up much space, and because the signs can be easily changed, you can use them for almost any purpose. Communicate where to wait to be seated, where a line starts, what time brunch ends, or anything else that will help to guide your guests during their time in your establishment.

We're here to help you control crowds your way. Shop our selection of crowd control items today!


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