Pellet Systems

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Keep delivered food items hot with pellet systems.

Healthcare operators know how important pellet systems are to their daily operations. From pellet bases to pellet covers and more, our selection of serving ware for healthcare facilities will increase meal satisfaction. Pellet systems provide sturdy, durable items for you to deliver food and beverages to patients and residents. From trays to bases and covers, these items will help retain heat, ensuring patients always receive a piping-hot meal. Their design allows the items to maintain warmth without burning the staff that delivers them or the people receiving them. Chilled pellet systems are also available to help keep cold food items at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pellet systems are ideal choices for retirement homes, hospitals, and care facilities. Available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, you're sure to find items that will complement your aesthetic while also making it easy for your kitchen staff to designate meals with special dietary requirements, reducing the risk of residents or patients receiving the wrong meal. When deciding what items are best for your facility, it is essential to consider your facility size, the time and distance to deliver foods, and the meal service style you offer.

At Culitrade, we're here to help you deliver your food your way. Shop our selection of pellet systems today!

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