Equipment Stand

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We have a large selection of equipment stands sure to fit your operation's needs!

In life, success often comes from having a solid foundation. The kitchen is no different!

Choosing the correct equipment stand ensures your equipment is adequately supported and helps you gain additional counter or floor space. This allows you to maximize your kitchen's capacity without cutting back on the items you need to cook your menu items correctly. These unsung heroes of the kitchen can hold blenders, ovens, charbroilers, mixers, and more!

When selecting a stand, be sure you check the specifications to ensure it is built to fit the needs of the items you will place upon it, your kitchen's size and layout, and your storage needs. If you think you may need to move the unit at times, a stand with casters will make life much easier. Avoid the common mistake of using a work table as an equipment stand! In many cases, doing that is asking for trouble! Equipment stands are typically heavier than your typical work table as they are designed to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight. On the other hand, work tables are typically meant for food prep; they are not designed to hold large or heavy items. Additionally, many equipment stands are lower than work tables, making things more accessible to reach and decreasing the risk of accidents resulting from employees having to reach up and strain to use, for example, an oven. The upturned edge you'll find on many equipment stands also helps to ensure your machine doesn't slide off with repeated use.

Every inch of space counts in a commercial kitchen, so maximize your space today by adding equipment stands to your layout. Discover the perfect stand today so you can do your business your way!

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