Food Display

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Ensure your displayed food and beverage items are kept at the optimal temperature and looking pristine with our selection of food display options!

In the foodservice industry, appearance can be just as important as taste. Your kitchen team works hard to ensure that your food items are perfectly crafted; show them off in our food display options!

We've got pizza and snack merchandisers, heated display cases, bakery display cases, sneeze guards, carving stations, and more. A presentable display case is imperative if you want to sell your items to customers! Have you ever taken one look at displayed food and quickly decided to take a hard pass because the item you wanted looked dry, slimy, or picked over? When you make selecting the best food display case a priority and invest the time into staging its contents in a visually appealing way and keeping the case clean, you will see sales soar!

Countertop cases are a great choice for breakfast bars, concession stands, and convenience stores, while larger cases are ideal for delis and restaurants with a large volume of to-go business. Bakery owners will love our options for showing off cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats. Team Culitrade has never walked into a bakery and not suffered from our eyes being bigger than our stomachs; take advantage of that phenomenon by showcasing all you have to offer in ways that will keep your items fresh.

Let us help you do your business your way by ensuring you purchase a case that will help increase revenue and sales!

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