Food Holding and Warming

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Ensure your food items are always served at the proper temperature with our selection of food holding and food warming equipment!

Whether you specialize in pre-packaged meals that customers can grab on the go, run a busy banquet where hundreds of meals need to be served at the same time at the perfect temperature, or you operate a busy restaurant where some dishes need to sit under a warmer until the rest of the table's items are ready, our food holding and food warming equipment options will ensure you can hold food at optimal temperatures until they reach your customers!

Having the ability to keep your food at a safe temperature is an easy way to protect your guests from foodborne illnesses and keep the health inspectors off of your back! These food holding and food warming items are particularly crucial for buffet owners who need to ensure the items on their buffet lines are consistently kept at the proper temperatures.

  • PRO TIP: While it is recommended to check the temperature of hot or cold holding food every four hours, checking it every two hours allows you to make changes if the temperature is in the red zone. When you stay on top of your food's temperatures, you ensure you won't have to throw out pans of food because they've been at an improper temperature for too long.

The equipment you'll find in this category is made for the safe, reliable holding of foods at their correct temperatures. Steam tables, french fry warmers, warming drawers, and heated cabinets are just a few of the items you can use to ensure food items are always at the correct temperature when they hit your customers' table. With the window for keeping hot foods piping hot and cold foods ice cold so small, every minute counts!

Food holding and food warming products come in all shapes and sizes; take a look at our products to find the one that best fits your operation's needs so you can do your business your way!

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