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Commercial Refrigeration: Ensure your food is always fresh with a new refrigerator.

If you're searching for new refrigeration equipment but are overwhelmed at all of the options, we're here to help.

At Culitrade, we help you do business your way, so we have a variety of great options available so that you can choose the product that will work correctly for your needs! Purchasing the right piece of equipment based on what you plan to store in your refrigeration unit will save you space and ensure your items are stored correctly, cutting back on food spoilage and waste. A key factor to consider is your usage; the perfect refrigerator for you is one that has a compressor powerful to keep all of your items cold no matter how much the door is opened.

We offer many options from brands you love that are top quality and are made to withstand frequent and regular heavy use in a commercial kitchen. We offer reach-ins, refrigerated prep tables, ice cream freezers, blast chillers, and so much more. In addition to refrigeration options for your back of house, we also offer a variety of merchandising refrigeration options that allow you to keep your products cool and beautifully displayed! How you merchandise your food items matters, and studies show you will sell more products if your items are displayed in a visually appealing way. Our prep refrigeration is an excellent option for small kitchens (especially sandwich shops!) that need some extra surface space.  We even have great options for bakeries that want to show off their bakery items in a refrigerated display case and sleek bar refrigeration pieces that will keep your bartenders pouring perfect drinks efficiently.

Your quest for the perfect refrigerator for your restaurant just got easier!

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