Work Tables

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Make food preparation easy with work tables!

Commercial work tables provide the space you need to prep, prepare, and plate food items in your busy kitchen! These staples are found in nearly every commercial kitchen, from bakeries to healthcare facilities, delis to event venues.

Work tables allow you to easily designate spaces for various tasks, allowing your kitchen staff to work effectively without tripping over one another, leading to increased productivity. No matter what your kitchen layout looks like, you're sure to find a table that would fit in well; our tables come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring there is an excellent fit for every operator. Stainless steel work tables are the most common, though other materials are available. These tables can hold light equipment in addition to providing ample space for food prep. Choose a model with storage options if you require some extra storage solutions in your kitchen.

Keep in mind; work tables are not designed to hold heavy equipment! They are meant to allow for food prep, and while lightweight pieces such as toasters or blenders would not pose issues, using a work table to hold heavy equipment is a recipe for disaster! Work tables are generally not made to withstand having equipment that weighs hundreds of pounds on them. Even if it seems to hold a piece of equipment, it will likely bow over time, and you run the risk of damaging your work table and your equipment!

Shop our selection of kitchen preparation tables today, and enjoy the benefits of having an exceptional workflow setup for your team! We can't wait to help you do your business your way.


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