Gloves and Mitts

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Handle hot pots and pans safely with our selection of oven mitts and pot holders.

Did you know that burns are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries in the restaurant industry? Keep your staff safe in the kitchen with our selection of heat-resistant products. In conjunction with training employees on kitchen safety, these items will decrease the chance of accidents in the kitchen. This means less time operating without one of your key players while they recover from an injury and a decrease in expenses that could come from workers' comp claims.

Our selection of gloves, pot holders, and mitts are perfect for pulling items out of the oven. Heat-resistant sleeves offer full forearm protection, providing additional protection while frying or handling hot items. Whether you're handling sheet pans, pizza peels, or chafer pans, you'll find solutions to your needs. Keep your staff safe with these flame, heat, and steam-resistant tools.

With multiple colors to choose from, it's easy to keep your items organized using a coded color system that allows you to designate different things for different tasks. We are dedicated to enabling you to do your business your way, safely. Shop our oven mitts and pot holders today!


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