Kitchen Aprons and Gloves

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Protect your team's clothing from spills and stains with our selection of dishwashing clothing accessories.

Restaurant aprons and cleaning gloves are essential for dish washers as they protect clothes from splashes and stains and allow them to clean items without ruining their clothes in the process. When you outfit your staff with exactly what they need to do their job well, they will be more productive, happier, and more willing to go above and beyond in their role with as little frustration as possible.

In a commercial kitchen, the chefs who make the divine dishes and the waitstaff that provide a stellar experience are lavished with gratitude. At the same time, the dishwashers rarely are paid attention to. The truth is, you can't have killer service without a fantastic dishwasher! They do the jobs others don't want to do, from cleaning gross messes to taking out the trash. These hard-working men and women know how to best polish your expensive wine glasses and how to stack your dishes when bussing a table in a way that ensures nothing is chipped or broken.

We offer aprons with pockets, long waist aprons, and disposable aprons, to name a few. Long waist aprons are often a great choice for dishwashers as they will best protect their clothes while tackling messy jobs.  Show your behind-the-scene heroes you appreciate them by outfitting them in great-looking aprons that are both comfortable and functional.

Shop our selection of dishwashing clothing and accessories today so that you can do your business your way!