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Smallwares get the job done, efficiently.

If you operate a commercial kitchen, big or small, you know that smallwares are the kitchen's unsung hero! Our selection of smallwares features a wide range of popular products, including kitchen hand tools, bartending supplies, baking tools, etc.

When you equip your kitchen with the right tools, you will see an increase in efficiency and quality and a decrease in food waste and accidents. Now that's what we call a win-win.

Everyday must-have items that you will find in this category are measuring cups, whisks, thermometers, cutlery, and cutting boards. If you're looking for an item that your kitchen staff will use while preparing food, you will likely find it here. The cool thing about smallwares is that they are often items that you'll find in every kitchen, being used by teams of all shapes and sizes. Think of them as the universal language of the commercial kitchen. Every chef uses different types of large equipment, but they all need measuring cups and knives.

In addition to tools that will help your kitchen staff prepare food quickly and safely, we offer food safety pieces that will keep your kitchen in compliance with health codes, which is a must regardless of the type of kitchen you run.

Whether you're looking for tools to grate cheese, bake cupcakes, peel potatoes, or whip up the perfect martini, Culitrade has the tools you need to do your business your way.

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