Chafers, Chafing Dishes and Chafing Accessories

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Keep your food items hot and looking too good to pass up with our selection of chafers, chafing dishes and chafing accessories!

The proper chafing dish will ensure your food items are served hot and fresh in an organized fashion so your guests can quickly fill their plates and enjoy your culinary creations. Buffet owners, caterers, and anyone who wants to keep large batches of food warm for an extended time can utilize our chafers, chafing dishes, and chafing accessories to serve hungry customers. The right chafing dishes will keep the lines moving, increasing your profit margins and ensuring guest satisfaction.

Chafing dishes typically are available in oval, round, and rectangular shapes. When selecting the shape that will best suit your needs, consider the types of food it will be used for. Round options are often used to serve desserts, while oval and rectangular options will typically hold main dishes and sides. The heat source is equally significant as chafers can use either electricity or canned heat. Both are fantastic options, depending on how you will use your dishes. Canned heat can be an excellent option for caterers or restaurant owners that plan to have food set up outdoors where electrical outlets are not available. Canned heat options tend to be more portable as well. On the flip side, electrical chafers are ideal in instances when the wind may blow out the flame of the chafer fuel or when you want to be able to ensure a precise temperature is maintained.

Coffee urn chafers are an excellent option for restaurants and cafes that want to offer self-service beverage stations. Your customers will love that they can serve themselves coffee so that they can have their coffee their way!

Whichever options you choose, we're here to help you do your business your way by equipping you with the chafers, chafing dishes, and chafing accessories you need to best meet the requirements of your food items and space.

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