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Take a slice out of your food prep time and allow guests to cut their food with ease with our selection of commercial cutlery.

A stellar knife is the basic building block of good cooking. Often, a chef has three knives that he or she uses most often- a chef's knife, a pairing knife, and a serrated bread knife. Chef's knives typically are between 6-12 inches long and have a broad, upward tapered point that allows the blade to be rocked back and forth for mincing. While choosing the best chef's knife boils down to personal preference, here are some things to look for when choosing yours:

  • SIZE- The blade length will determine the cutting volume, but more isn't always better. The knife shouldn't feel awkward in your hands; the shorter the blade, the more agile it will feel. Many chefs prefer an 8-inch blade as it gives plenty of cutting volume without feeling too top-heavy.
  • WEIGHT- A heavier knife uses gravity to cut through food easier than a light knife but can cause fatigue. Think about how much you'll be using your knife, what you'll be using it for, and how much strength you have.
  • BALANCE- A knife that's weighted near the bolster or heel is a good choice. Choosing an unbalanced knife can lead to fatigue and discomfort because you'll be working hard to compensate for the imbalance.

In addition to finding the perfect go-to knives, we offer a variety of cutlery to ensure your kitchen team always has the right knife for the job. Check out our selection of breaking knives, cheese knives, spreading knives, steak knives, poultry shears, and boning knives.

Have you ever ordered a steak at a restaurant that you had a hard time cutting because you were given an improper or dull knife? It is incredibly frustrating! When you give your guests the proper, well-sharpened knife for the item they ordered, you're allowing them to focus on the food, not the work that goes into cutting it.

It is also essential to stock up on safety items like cut-resistant gloves, knife guards, knife sanitizing cases, and knife sharpeners. These items are critical in keeping your staff safe by lowering the chances of accidents in the kitchen. We want to help you do your business your way. No matter what your cutlery needs are, we've got the tools you need to stock your kitchen with great knives!

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