Salad Bar Equipment and Accessories

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Operate your salad bar with ease with our selection of salad bar equipment and supplies

Running a profitable salad bar is a science. We know how much thought you put into the types of items you will serve and how your crocks and food pans will be displayed. You work tirelessly to ensure all of your food items are kept at the perfect temperature, and sanitation is always a top priority. You have a lot on your "plate"!

  • Pro Tip: Did you know that putting your least expensive products towards the left of your salad bar (if it moves left to right) or in the front (if things are arranged from front to back) will increase your profit margins? This is because guests will load their plates with the lower-cost items and won't have as much room for the more expensive items. Putting proteins toward the back and vegetables upfront can be a game-changer!

Culitrade has all the items you need to run your salad bar smoothly. Our salad bar organizers, dressing bottles, inserts, displays, and tabletop items will set your operation up for success. Protect your food items and show your guests you take sanitation seriously with our sneeze guard options. No matter what your individual needs and room configuration look like, we're here to help you do your business your way! Shop our salad bar equipment and accessories now to find just what you're looking for.

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