Time and Temperature Tools

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Use thermometers and timers to achieve perfect "doneness" and ensure food is cooked to a safe minimum temperature every time.

In a commercial kitchen, every second counts. Candy thermometers are crucial for melting chocolates and caramels; hook it over your pot's side to ensure you never burn your melted treats. When a guest orders a steak in your restaurant, from black and blue to well-done, ensure they always smile when making that first cut by monitoring the meat's temperature while cooking using a meat thermometer. Serve your cafe patrons the perfect cup of coffee with our hot beverage thermometers.

Decrease food waste and the potential for foodborne illnesses when you use or refrigerator and freezer thermometers to ensure your foods are being kept at the correct temperature while they are being stored. These handy helpers also can help you save on energy costs by allowing you to set your temperatures so that they keep food safe without causing your machines to run continuously.

We also have a wide selection of timers and clocks to perfect each dish's timing. A bustling kitchen can make remembering to pull an item out of the oven at a specific time nearly impossible. When a timer is used, you can set it and forget it, allowing yourself to multitask without running the risk of burning an item because checking on it slipped your mind. A timer allows a chef in a busy Italian restaurant to put on a pot of noodles, set a timer, and craft his or her signature sauce without losing track of the noodles, cooking the perfect al dente pasta.

We're here to help you run your business your way without running the risk of losing track of time or over or under-cooking your items. Shop our selection of thermometers and timers today!

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