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Keep your kitchen organized with commercial kitchen shelving!

An organized kitchen and storage area is key if you want to run a profitable foodservice establishment. When your items are all easy to find and accessible, your team will better be able to grab what they need when they need it and keep track of inventory. Easily transform your back of house into well-organized areas in no time with the help of our wide selection of shelving options!

When you don't know what you have, it's impossible to buy what you truly need! Overbuying leads to food waste, which dramatically affects your bottom line. Ensure your team always knows exactly what they have by implementing an organizational system that starts with ample shelving. Keep like items together, put the newest of the same item in the back to ensure your team is using up the items you've had the longest first, and store things as close to the workstation they'll be used in as possible to limit foot traffic in the kitchen as items are being made.

Here you'll find items from brands you know and love, like Cambro, Metro MetroMax, Metro SmartWall, Metro Super Erecta, and Metro SmartLever. If you're looking for a way to store your wine, look no further! We have wine shelving that will ensure your bottles are stored properly, and your team can always easily see what is running low. Check out our security shelving if you have items you need to protect. This option is great for highly-trafficked establishments with a risk of theft, like restaurants, bars, or liquor stores.

With a wide variety of sizes and materials such as epoxy coated and chrome-plated, you're sure to find just what you need to get your kitchen in order. We can't wait to help you organize your kitchen your way!

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