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Enhance your place settings with stylish flatware!

Put the perfect finishing touch on your tablescapes with silverware that compliments your dinnerware and provides function and style. If you're going for a classic look, consider flatware with elegant detailing on the handles. Copper, matte black, or gold utensils can help you create a modern look. Items with thin, rounded handles can elevate a contemporary table setting.

Flatware is not limited to spoons, forks, and knives; remember to coordinate other items such as cocktail forks, steak knives, chopsticks, to name a few! To really level up with these items, think about how you can use things like cloth napkins and napkin rings to pack a powerful punch with your table settings! While style is important, so is quality and function. Ensure your guests are given a sturdy knife to cut into a juicy steak. Think about the level of quality your diners will expect; will a fork with a bent tine bother them? If so, choose a sturdy material that is less likely to bend. When considering how much to order, consider ordering slightly more than you'll think you need so you can store some extras, so you never run out of clean silverware when things get busy.

It is also important to consider the care instructions for the items you invest in to ensure they are practical for your establishment. Learning how to properly care for your silverware can extend the investment for longer! When you take the time to make sure your flatware sparkles, your customers will take notice.

The flatware you choose will last you a long time and will be front and center on every table, every day. Do your business, your way, with Culitrade!

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