Tabletop Accessories

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Elevate your place settings with stylish tabletop items that match your décor.

Tabletop accessories are the proverbial cherry on top of your dining room decor. These items add eye-catching elements to your tables while also setting the mood for diners.

Here you'll find things like sugar caddies, vases, and a wide selection of candles to complete your tablescapes. Whether you're looking for votives and food warmer candles, candelabras, headlights, table lamps, flameless candles, and accessories, or votive candles, we have the items you need to bring the perfect ambiance to your dining room.

From formal affairs to casual cafes, adding decorative items to your tables will help your customers feel more relaxed and comfortable in your dining area. Nothing says "date night" like a dinner by candlelight! Even if dimly lit isn't the vibe you're going for, adding these elements can really leave an impression on those who walk through your doors. If you drive about five miles from the Culitrade office, you will come across about 15 McDonalds. Sure, we can go to any of those locations and eat the same meal, but only one of those locations has fresh flowers on each table in a sweet little vase. That special touch makes that location a winner in our book, not only because it's nice to have flowers on the table but because we know those owners care about making those who dine with them feel special.

Sometimes, it's the small efforts your customers notice. When you go the extra mile to put a smile on their faces, you are one step closer to turning a customer into a raving fan. These small investments pale in comparison to the increased profits you will see when you have an army of raving fans frequenting your establishment and telling all of their friends how much they love dining with you!

We're here to help you up your game your way with tabletop accessories. Shop our selection today!

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