Dish Washing

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Find the dish washing options that are right for your kitchen.

Ensure your staff always has a constant supply of clean, sanitary flatware, glassware, and smallwares to give your guests by purchasing the proper dishwashing equipment! Not your mama's dishwashers, these commercial options come in various capacities and configurations so that you can choose a model that will keep up with the needs of your kitchen. Both high-volume cafeteria managers and low-volume cozy cafe owners will find a dishwasher that will accommodate their needs. Here you'll also find things like booster heaters, glass washers, peg racks, rack dollies, and more.

Purchasing a commercial dishwasher is a little more complicated than purchasing one for your home. It's vital to think about the types of things you will frequently be washing, so you can be sure to buy a machine that can accommodate those items. If you plan to use your dishwasher to clean heavily soiled pots and pans, you'll need a machine with ample clearance so those items fit. Will a high or low-temperature option be best? Is energy efficiency important to you? Be sure you consider these things before you make your final decision!

Choosing the dishwasher that will best meet your needs will ensure you are not paying more for utilities when you don't need to. Additionally, your commercial dishwasher could last you between 12-20 years with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Here at Culitrade, we love giving credit where credit is due, so it feels important to give a shootout to table bussers and dishwashers. Those men and women work HARD, so show them you appreciate them by purchasing a quality dishwashing machine that makes their jobs a little less labor-intensive! Let us help you do your business your way. Shop our selection of dishwashing equipment today!

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